Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Have our mobile application penetration testing experts look over your android apps and iOS apps. You wouldn’t believe some of the crazy vulnerabilities our mobile application PenTesters find.

Static Code Analysis

During this phase, we will comb through your source code looking for potential vulnerabilities. Basically, we will take and decompile the IPA and APK files performing reverse engineering and identifying security vulnerabilities.

Dynamic Analysis

During this phase we perform security assessments on the application during runtime and identify vulnerabilities adversaries may exploit. For instance, triggering events out of sequence, server vulnerabilities, etc.

Find & Remediate Security Issues

Our penetration testing folks are easy to work with and down to Earth. Making vulnerabilities easy to comprehend and giving actionable remediation recommendations in a concise manner. This is not our first rodeo.

Reach out and speak with one of our pen testing SMEs. Honestly, you have nothing to lose by doing a bit of due diligence. Cheers.

Helping the Community

10% of gross profits go to a non-profit, charity, or a family in need, of your choice!

Are you a 501(c) non-profit? Thank you for your service! Please reach out and let us help secure your network, web apps, and mobile apps.

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